Minimum Balance

Use the Minimum Balance feature if you want to stop deliveries to a customer if their balance drops below a given value.

How it works

As customers receive their deliveries their account balance will be deducted, this is fine and dandy, however if their balance reaches or drops below their minimum, with the glorious Minium Balance feature enabled, all future deliveries will be HALTED. These customers will have a nasty red HALT status next to their name and you’ll be given a notification so you can spot these customers as they arise. If you choose, Bucky Box can also send them a courtesy email as described further below.

Deliveries for this customer will resume once their account balance rises above their minimum. This can happen in two ways, they pay you (hooray!!!) or by you graciously setting their minimum to a lower amount. And yes, each customer (according to their trustworthiness!) can have their own minimum, independent of the default given to all your other customers.

Some examples:

  • Minimum Balance = -30.00 means a customer will continue to have deliveries until their last delivery deducts money and the account hits -30.00 or less, all future deliveries are halted until a payment is made to top up their balance higher than -30.00
  • Minimum Balance = 0.00 means a customer must alway have money in their account for a delivery to be generated.
  • Minimum Balance = 14.99 means a customer must have at least 15.00 in their account before deliveries can be generated

Activating Minimum Balance

Minimum Balance can be activated inside your settings located on the top right of your screen.

At the bottom of the Business Information tab, is a checkbox to activate this feature.

  • The value set for Minimum balance will be given to all subsequent customers added to the system but will not change any of your existing customers.
  • If you want to update existing customers to the new default, make sure you select the Also update existing customers checkbox.
  • If you want Bucky Box to automatically send an email to customers that have reached their minimum balance, make sure you select the Send and email checkbox (see further below for an example of the email).

Editing the Minimum Balance for a customer

You can edit a specific customer’s Minimum Balance in their profile page by clicking the edit profile link. To save needless clutter, Bucky Box will only display a customer’s minimum balance if it different from the default or if it has been exceeded in which case it will also be highlighted in yellow.

Customer email notifications

If enabled, Bucky Box will automatically send an email to customers when they reach their minimum balance. This email is delayed approximately 24 hours. The delay is in there to give you time to reconcile Cash on Delivery payments, or last minute Bank Deposits.

The below is an example of the email Bucky Box will send:

SUBJECT: Whooops, your Fantastic Vege People deliveries have been put on hold

Hi John,

Whoops, we’ve noticed your account has reached your minimum balance – your existing account balance is $-46.50 (your account should always be above your minimum balance of $-27.50 in order to receive deliveries).

Please make a payment or contact Fantastic Vege People.

If you’ve recently made a payment, it may not have shown up yet – take a look at your account statement in the next few days to check.

Fantastic Vege People Team