Order Deadline

This feature is sometimes called the “Yellow Zone” or “Delivery Window”, and tells Bucky Box when to close off from new incoming orders so you can start the fulfillment process.

How it works

In your settings under the Organisation tab , look for the Order Deadline setting. It’s here you can setup when you want orders to be closed off.

Great, so you have an order deadline setup. You’ll see this take effect inside the main Delivery Screen – you’ll see any day in which the order deadline has been reached will be marked yellow (we like to call this “in the Yellow Zone”). This means that day is locked from new orders coming in, and it’s ready for you to fulfill orders.

  • Grey represents all the deliveries being completed for that day.
  • Yellow means the Order Deadline has been reached and orders are ready for fulfillment.
  • Green means this day is still open for new incoming orders.

What if I want to put in a last minute order?

Last minute ordering is on our roadmap, until then the best hack we have is to temporarily change the Order Deadline setting to the minimum possible and make any last minute changes and then move it back to the original setting.