Working with Holidays

So what happens for those out-of-the-norm days such as public holidays and vacations when deliveries are suspended?

Right now you can’t lock out future delivery dates as unavailable so we recommend using the Mark delivery as canceled action to cancel customer deliveries on unavailable days.

Marking deliveries as cancelled

In your Deliveries Screen, for each of your Delivery Services (shown in tabs on the left), simply select all of your deliveries and apply the Mark delivery as cancelled action.

Mark deliveries as cancelled

We recommend you do this ahead of time while the deliveries are still in the “Yellow Zone” to keep messy deductions and reversal transactions from being inserted into customer accounts.

If you do this retrospectively for past dates in the “Grey Zone” your customers will see a deduction for their deliveries and a matching reversal transaction.

Notifying customers

You will probably want to notify your customers that deliveries will not happen on this day ahead of time. The simplest way to do this is to send an email from the Delivery Screen using the Send email action.

Send email from delivery screen

You can do this ahead of time, even while deliveries are in the “Green Zone” (when the Web Store is still open for new orders), so it’s always a good idea to send a follow up as soon as you know all the orders have been finalised (i.e. in the “Yellow Zone”).