Accepting Payments via PayPal

Bucky Box allows you to accept both PayPal transfers and credit card payments at your web store via the PayPal payments service. Your payment will arrive immediately however, the payment will not appear against the customer account automatically and will need a reconciliation process. More details below.

How it Works

  • Activate PayPal in your Payment settings, make sure you enter your PayPal account email address.
  • Once PayPal has been activated, your customers will have the option to choose “Pay by PayPal / Credit Card” at the web store as well as inside their customer dashboard. Note they can pay via a transfer from their own PayPal account or via credit card.
  • Payments made by your customers will not immediately appear within their individual accounts. Instead it will be necessary to reconcile your PayPal transactions by logging into your PayPal account, downloading your transactions, and importing into Bucky Box in the Payments area. The process is identical to importing Bank deposit payments.

What Your Customers See

  1. During the checkout process your customers will have the option to choose PayPal just before completing their order.
  2. After order completion, their order will be submitted and a PayPal button will be presented to the customer.
  3. Upon clicking the PayPal payment button, the customer will be taken to the PayPal website to process the payment, your customer can choose between using their credit card or their own PayPal account.

Hints and Tips

PayPal offers 3 tiers of accounts, we recommend using a PayPal business account which accepts credit card payments. Otherwise your customers will need to create a PayPal account when they are prompted for payment.
PayPal Business vs Personal

Recurring orders will set up a recurring payment in your customers PayPal account. In order to support credit/debit cards for these, you must be approved for PayPal Payments Standard Enhanced Recurring Payments (ERP). Otherwise, your customers will only be allowed to pay from their PayPal accounts.