Delivery Services

What is a Delivery Service?

Delivery Services Customers are respectively assigned to a Delivery Service, which can be either a route that your delivery van may use, a courier service, or a pickup point where customers need to go to pickup their orders. In the deliveries screen, Bucky Box will show all your deliveries that are scheduled to go out on any particular day, and will also group them according to their delivery services.

If you activate your web store, first-time customers will get a chance to nominate which delivery service they will use. So it’s good practice to use delivery service names that are easy for your customer to understand. Some examples of delivery service names you might use are:

  • Inner City
  • North and West Suburbs
  • Southern Suburbs
  • Regional Courier
  • Leed Street Cafe Pickup
  • Direct from Farm Pickup


Configuring up your Delivery Services

To setup your delivery services, go to the settings area, under “Delivery Services”. From here you can create a new service or edit and existing one. Delivery Service Settings Details The fields you will need to enter are:

  • Delivery Service Name – This name will appear to new customers during the web store checkout process. They will be asked to nominate a delivery service, so it’s a good idea to use easy to understand names e.g. Inner City, Southern Suburbs, Direct from farm pickup. You can vet their selection and change it later at any time.
  • Delivery Service Details – This text will appear to customers during the checkout process after they have selected their delivery service. Some example of details you may insert here are area of service for delivery, pickup instructions, and estimated delivery or pickup time.
  • Days of the week – This setting sets up what day(s) of the week this delivery service operates.
  • Pickup Point – If a delivery service is a pickup point, then activate this setting. Once activated, the customer will not be asked to enter their address during the web store checkout process.
  • Delivery Fee – An optional delivery fee can be set up. For example, you may want to charge a fee for a regional courier service. You may even assign a discount for people coming to pick up from a pickup point by assigning a negative delivery fee.